• We make the sun shine-
    ‚ÄčAll day and all night

    Our Nucleus Platform enables Solar Panels, Battery Storage and Loads work seamlessly together 
    to deliver 24x7 Clean, Reliable and Smart Energy
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Why Nucleus?

Increased Solar Generation

Systems paired with Nucleus generate about 8% more energy by stay on during blackouts, and charging batteries on Solar.

Resilience to Blackouts

Nucleus users can stay safe and stay powered during blackouts- their batteries recharge on Solar energy every day! 

Enhanced Battery Life

Nucleus reduces battery depletion rates by 55% by prioritising Solar- thereby extending the life of batteries

Hybrid Features at On-grid Prices

Nucleus helps do away with Engineering costs and additional Balance-of-Systems associated with Hybrid Solar PV systems.

Customer Stories

Explore how our Nucleus platform empowers customers deploy innovative applications and stay powered by clean energy, 24x7

Clean, Reliable Power for Cryptocurrency Mining

Powering Cryptocurrency Miners with cheaper, more reliable, and sustainable electricity

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Keeping Traditions Alive With Next-Gen Energy

How a temple is harnessing clean energy to power its daily rituals and functions

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Propelling Bangalore towards a Zero-Waste Future

A small, off-grid application helps Saahas make a big impact on waste segregation

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The Nucleus platform works like a motherboard and operating system for energy. With plug-in slots for power and communications, Nucleus can also integrate third-party hardware and become the heart of any Solar + Storage system

Bring all your circuits together...

Nucleus sits right at the centre of your home energy system, and makes Solar, Batteries and Loads function greater than the sum of their parts

Nucleus is easy to install and almost universally compatible with Solar Inverters and Batteries- irrespective of Voltage and Chemistry

...And control them from your phone.

The Wenergie App lets you monitor and control every circuit in your home, from anywhere in the world!

View and Optimise Power Flow

The app gives you a full visibility of where you power comes from and lets you tweak the share of Solar, Grid and Battery usage so that you can stay powered by Clean Energy at all times.

Easy, Elegant and Transparent Data

With Real-time and Historic data, keep track of your usage and Solar Generation over days, months and years!

Remote Diagnostics and Alerts

With built-in predictive intelligence, stay aware of the health of your system at all times, and schedule maintenance at the click of a button.